Airo Tron’s Cookies Live Resin Vape Pod Review

By Stan Whitley

Ever since I first picked up an Airo pod and device, I have been absolutely hooked. My favorite thing about the Airo is the haptic feedback it gives you when you take a hit. If you’re curious what exactly I mean by “haptic feedback” let me explain it for you, in this case what I mean is the device will slightly vibrate upon being used making you aware that it is on and working. Most devices only have a light that will come on and sometimes for me the light is not bright enough and I end up taking way too big of a hit from my cartridge, which is why for the longest time I swore off using cartridges due to them always making me cough. It wasn’t until I tried the Airo for the first time that I had realized just how smooth and flavorful cartridges could be and the fact that it vibrates when you take a hit allows you to know exactly the amount of vapor you are pulling in to your lungs.

Airo has multiple different lines of vape cartridges starting with the Artisan Series which uses mostly botanical terpenes to give patients a super discreet and flavorful vape that has little to no cannabis flavor. The Strain Series is where you are going to find your strain specific options such as OG Kush, Northern Lights, and many other strains with more of a strong cannabis taste and smell. Next up is going to be the Live Flower Series which is very similar to their Live Resin Series but instead of using fresh frozen cannabis like they do for Live Resin, for the Live Flower series they do a steam extraction directly after harvest to avoid the loss of any of the natural flavor, terpenes, or cannabinoids while the plant was growing.

For this blog entry, I chose to review the Tron’s Cookies Live Resin Pod. One reason I chose this specific strain was because of the two parent strains being Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies which pair for a perfectly even hybrid. After taking only three hits, I noticed that the effects came on a lot stronger than a lot of the regular distillate cartridges I have tried in the past. It was almost like I could instantly feel my muscles start to relax and all my stress began to slowly melt away. The overall taste of this strain is like you’re eating a cannabis flavored lemonhead and personally, I accredit that to the strong Limonene content at a wonderful 3.33%. The other top terpenes of this strain are Myrcene coming in at 2.29% as well as Alpha-Pinene at 1.12%. This batch of Tron’s Cookies live resin has a full-bodied terpene profile with 12.28% terpenes overall. Other terpenes such as trans-Caryophyllene, Fenchol, and Linalool all play a vital role in the overall profile of this strain giving it a strong body relaxation effect along with a nice euphoric and uplifting effect from all of the Limonene content.