Amber Extracts Guice RSO Review

By Elizabeth Wedell

Recently I decided to purchase some Guice RSO from Amber Extracts. I have had some trouble sleeping due to tooth pain and after looking at the product profile decided that it may help with these issues.  As most patients know, RSO is a very dark and thick substance and usually requires warming up in order to dispense a serving of it. This was the case for this brand as well, so after a little warming in a cup of hot water I was able to dispense a serving size of 25 mg.  This particular product contains 1.78% of Beta-Caryopyllene which has a very heavy and sedating effect perfect for a good night’s sleep.  After consuming my serving I fell asleep quickly and had a very restful sleep with no aches or pains waking me up throughout the night.  On another occasion I placed a small amount of this RSO directly to my throbbing tooth and to my surprise got almost instant relief.  If you like RSOs consider Amber Extracts they are producing a lot of strain specific products with nice profiles.