Amber Extracts Sunrise Crush Vape Cartridge Review

By Michael Albanese

We are excited here at Chesacanna to have Amber Extracts vape cartridges on our shelves. Amber Extracts is a part of the Forward Gro family, and as such you will notice some familiar strains, like Tangerine Dream and AAA OG. I tried three varieties of 500mg vape cartridges, including Sunrise Crush, TSour Apricot, & AAA OG.

I was really excited to try the Sunrise Crush 500mg vape cart, and it certainly did not disappoint. I set my battery to the low temperature setting so I could get a better taste of the terpenes. The first hit is very citrusy and that is from the cocktail of Terpinolone, Myrcene, Ocimene and Limonene! Quite the combo, the taste was like drinking a tall glass of sunshine with your morning OJ. The effects were sativa-dominant, with energetic, happy and giggly feelings yet focused, like downing a cup of coffee.

The TSour Apricot 500mg vape cartridge, which was in a league all of its own, as far as flavor goes. Very pronounced citrus flavor, it tasted like a fresh apricot with every drag. The AAA OG was a lovely, smooth herb & citrus tasting, Myrcene heavy, delight of a cart, with almost 5% myrcene, almost one and a half percent a-Pinene and three-quarter percent Limonene. If you cannot tell already, I am a huge fan of high-quality fruit & citrus flavor strains, and that’s exactly what Amber Extracts has. If you are a connoisseur of cartridges and you haven’t given Amber Extracts a try, I could not recommend them more, and see what I’m talking about for yourself!