Cannabinoids and COVID-19

By Caroline Pritchard

Disclaimer: Since I have never experienced COVID-19 and am not a medical professional, I am purely speaking from what I have heard and read about the illness. My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced or been personally affected by COVID or any other major illness or injury. I believe that my experience with Lyme disease may provide some ideas and tips in how to support your body in healing from a major illness, such as COVID, due to the similar symptomatology, such as inflammation throughout the body, head pain, chest pain and pressure, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, and muscle and body aches, to name a few. I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease and a Babesia co-infection two years ago. For those that may not know, Lyme Disease and Babesia are vector borne illnesses that are transmitted through tick bites as well as other insects. I, however, understand that everyone’s case with both COVID and Lyme disease can manifest itself in a variety of ways. I am hoping that my own experience will provide insight and pain management tools.

With that being said, CBD, CBG, and THC are my most reliable cannabinoids and tools that I use for pain. I eat a rice-sized amount of CBD RSO by Nature’s Heritage every day for its anti-inflammatory benefits as well as pain relief for chronic migraines and muscle pain. Additionally, when I feel very inflamed and my symptoms are high, I like to include CBG flower into my routine. I am always amazed by how much better and less inflamed I feel after vaping CBG alone or mixed with THC flower in my Volcano or Mighty vaporizers. CBD and CBG are known to decrease inflammation and pain in the body. I find it also promotes a deep sense relaxation and helps me not tense up when experiencing pain.

Additionally, with illnesses or diseases of any kind, I believe it is important to nourish yourself with tons of clean water and whole nutritious foods. However, when feeling really sick or feeling pain, it is very likely to lose your appetite for food and water. Although CBD won’t encourage your appetite quite like THC will, CBD will help reduce nausea as well as act as a digestive aid. It is so important to nourish our bodies every day, but especially during a time where your body is working extra hard to keep you healthy or heal from a major disease. Interestingly, CBD is also known as a vasorelaxant, meaning it helps relax the veins allowing maximum and easeful blood flow. When blood is flowing freely around your body so are the nutrients it carries. It then has the ability to deliver oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the areas of your body that really need it. Another way to optimize blood flow throughout your body, and in my opinion to increase your appetite, is exercising daily. Exercise looks different for everybody and it can range from strength training (with Marc at Fitnology), Pilates (with Brenda at Blispilates) or relaxing yoga (on Sundays with Ryan at Fitnology) or taking a walk, to name a few. There are many ways to move your body and I assure you it helps SO much with healing. If you are unable to move your body or stretch, meditation is a great option to feel those happy endorphins while resting and healing your body.

Lastly, when one’s body experiences major disease or any event that causes stress or trauma, in my opinion cannabis is your angel herb, specifically in the form of CBD, CBG, or THC.

I have been told and read that COVID causes pain, random sensations, stress and trauma to the body and to the mind for all those affected by the disease. Cannabis has been reported to help some people experiencing stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In my own experience, my PTSD symptoms continue to improve with the use of cannabis and other herbal medicines. I am proud to say that I am able to work without experiencing the trauma in my body as well as being able to manage my symptoms alone with cannabis and no pharmaceutical pain-relievers. I am forever grateful for this plant and I hope that cannabis, whether CBD or THC or even CBG, can help you feel safe, loved, and nourished in your healing body.

At Chesacanna we are here to support you in your healing journey with cannabis so if there any questions don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. Below is a list of my favorite cannabis products from the dispensary and the Wellness shop. Cheers to cannabis and to your healing!

Favorite high CBD products in the Chesacanna dispensary:

  • Nature’s Heritage CBD RSO 68.2% CBD, 1.2% THC (my all time favorite product for helping pain and inflammation)
  • Sunmed ACDC 27% CBD, 1% THC
  • Culta Willie’s Reserve Rosaberry Flower 12% CBD, 5% THC
  • Culta Willie’s Reserve Mango 12.7% CBD, 8.8% THC
  • Verano 3:2 Mint Julep Cartridge 50.52% CBD, 35.8% THC (so minty and helpful for pain)
  • Culta Sour Tsunami 2:1 Cartridge 53.2% CBD, 28.1% THC

At the Chesacanna Wellness Shop we offer a CBD loyalty program to help you save on what you need. Buy 8 CBD tinctures and receive 1 of equal or lesser value for FREE!

  • CBD Tinctures and Teas
  • Canna Hemp X-Recovery Elixir Tincture
  • Gunpowder CBD Flower
  • CBG Flower
  • Willies 300 mg CBD Loose Leaf tea with peppermint (useful for pain, nasal decongestion) and hibiscus (which is cooling and a sour taste of vitamin C)

Topical CBD Products

  • cbdMD 750mg Revive squeeze (useful for body and muscle pain)
  • New Era Farms 600 mg CBD pain salve (contains vanilla, making it wonderful to smell but also contains pain relieving abilities)
  • cbdMD 300 mg Recover Squeeze (useful for body and muscle pain)
  • Canna Hempx 300 mg Recovery Cream (useful for body and muscle pain; contains arnica, which is a powerful herb indicated for trauma to the body)
  • Charlotte’s Web 100 mg Roll-on with Peppermint (cooling and pain relieving, making it useful for headaches or muscle pain)

All information regarding CBD and other cannabinoids can be found on under resources then cannabinoids. There is an extensive chart that I find really helpful and use to determine what cannabinoid will be most helpful for any symptoms I may be feeling.

Information regarding herbs such as peppermint, vanilla, arnica, hibiscus come from my education in herbal medicine at Maryland University of Integrative Health as well as personal experience using these herbs.