Cannaceutica THC Microdose Capsules Review

By a Chesacanna Patient

The Cannaceutica Capsules exceeded all of my expectations. I struggle a lot with chronic pain daily so, finding the right product to alleviate the pain was important to me. Previously I would go to the dispensary and buy flower that is high in THC and contained the terpenes that are known to help with inflammation and pain such as limonene and myrcene. I would also visit the wellness shop for high quality hemp CBD products to incorporate with my chosen cannabis meds.

I started with the lowest Cannaceutica dose offered which are the 2.5mg capsules. I worked my way up slowly until I found my personal dose that gave me the benefits I needed, which ended up being about 10mg. This product is also sold in 5mg and 10 mg capsules as well.

There are a couple other things I really loved about the Cannaceutica Capsules other than the relief it gave me. To start with they are made with broad-spectrum cannabis oil that also contains terpenes. The terpenes in these capsules just so happen to be the exact ones I look for in my usual medical cannabis products. There are 3 other key cannabinoids included in Canaceutica, all of which reduce side effects of THC causing little to no psychoactive effects and are all known to reduce pain and inflammation. They include CBD which helps with inflammation, CBC which helps reduce swelling, and finally CBG that helps with motivation as well as regulating appetite and sleep. Combining all 4 of these cannabinoids together creates the ultimate entourage effect, bringing your body relief and feeling calm.

If you struggle with chronic pain I highly recommend stopping by Chesacanna in Cockeysville Maryland and experience the healing for yourself.