Cresco White Grapefruit Cookies DABLICATOR Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Meet DABLICATOR! It’s revolutionizing cannabis concentrate use, and our patients and staff have been singing its praises since it landed at Chesacanna! This new concentrate applicator syringe, or “dab-applicator” is making concentrate use more versatile, because you can dab with it, twax with it, or infuse with it! I tried all three ways, and this is was I thought:

When first opening the product, it included a “How to Use” instruction sheet with dosing instructions. To use, you twist the thicker white part and oil tube, in opposite directions to reveal the plunger at the top with dosing marks. Each black mark on the plunger is about 55mg of oil, and there are three lines; two black and one red. Red = 165mg of oil. A 55mg dose or one line of 80% THC oil would be ~55mg x 80% = ~44mg of THC! Just a warning, do not press down on the plunger until you are ready for the oil to come out.

I first dabbed this in my Puffco Peak Pro, and I loved the flavor from the White Grapefruit Cookies. I “cold” start my dabs, however, the syringe features a metal tip, so you can put the tip in a hot banger and dab directly from the Dablicator, without the need for a tool. Secondly, from my previous warning, I pressed on the plunger pre-maturely and got some oil on fingers. I just licked it off my finger and tasted just like the dab I just took, very terpy and I felt the effects shortly after. Since this oil is already converted to THC from THCa, you can add it directly to anything and consume it, but it’s recommended uses include adding it to hot beverages like coffee or tea.

Lastly, I packed a cone to make a pre-roll and before I finished, I added a half-line worth of oil, to make an infused joint. I think this was one of the best uses of the Dablicator, because it made infusing a joint which is usually messy, so easy! Since the oil is very liquidy, it burned in the joint smoothly without any runs, gave great additional flavor and it’s a great way to “supercharge” your experience. I think lots of patients could find benefit with the Dablicator, because it’s so versatile and easy to use different ways. Come to Chesacanna in Cockeysville, MD to talk to our dispensary agents about the Dablicator and see what we have in stock today!