Culta Fritter Licker Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

Fritter Licker by Culta is a very balanced hybrid that has a little bit more of a body-high than a cerebral-high, which is perfect for afternoon or evening use. The main benefits of this strain are its ability to ease severe pain as well as tackle any anxiety you might be dealing with. The parent strains that make up the beloved Fritter Licker are very popular and well-known strains across the United States, and those parent strains are Apple Fritter x Face Off OG. Apple Fritter, being a balanced hybrid with a strong sense of focus and creativity, compliments the relaxing and calming effects that Face Off OG has been known to give cannabis users for years now.

Once the container of this strain was opened, all I could smell was a sweet, butterscotch, and slightly gassy aroma which is always a pleasure to have come from a cannabis strain. Personally, I am a sucker for anything sweet, cakey, or gassy, so this strain is right up my alley. After just one bowl pack of the Fritter Licker, I felt as if my body was melted into the couch I was sitting on, but yet I still felt fully capable of going and doing anything I wanted without being too tired or relaxed to do so.

The Fritter Licker is a perfect example of a strain being able to give you exactly what you need in any situation, even if those situations are entirely different. For example, I smoked a joint in the middle of the day and experienced more creative thoughts as well as a nice sense of concentration whereas when I smoked the same size joint I did earlier in the day, later that night, I was experiencing mind-quieting effects on top of a slight body relaxation which helped me fall asleep and stay asleep.