District Cannabis Lemon Vuitton Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

District Cannabis’ newest strain to hit the Maryland medical market is the Lemon Vuitton and is surely not a strain you want to miss out on. This beautiful cultivar is a phenotype of OG Kush but on the more sativa-dominant side of the cannabis spectrum. Giving off more of an earthy, piney, gassy, and creamy sort of smell, this strain is definitely one to wake up the senses and please your taste buds.

Upon inhale of this product, I got a strong diesel kind of flavor, while on the exhale it had more of a smooth and creamy taste. The effects of this strain truthfully blew my expectations out of the water. Based on the testing of this batch being only 20% THC and 1.47% total terpenes, I figured it would be more of a light and not that long of lasting kind of high, but thankfully I was proven wrong. I was nice and fully medicated for a solid 3 hours from just 1 half gram joint.

About 5 minutes after I finished my joint is when I really started to feel the effects set in. At first, I was feeling a bit euphoric but mostly, I was feeling a sense of joy and happiness start to come over me. Once the Lemon Vuitton really kicked in, I could feel my whole body being so relaxed that I did not feel one ounce of pain during that time and all of my stress and anxiety just seemed to dissipate as time passed. The Lemon Vuitton is truly a wonderful medicinal experience and without hesitation I would recommend this to any patient reading this!