District Cannabis Tropical Mints Vape Cartridge Review

By Shelby Long

District Cannabis is well known for making quality products that make a helpful difference for the environment and the industry. They use a special hydroponic system and energy efficient equipment, so that they are able to drop the price point on the products they put out.

After learning that I was even more excited to be able to review the Tropical Mints Distillate cartridge. District Cannabis cartridges are made with distillate (a highly purified cannabis concentrates) and plant derived terpenes. Combining that with their 3 step filtration process results in the potency of their products reaching as high as 92%.

I really enjoyed the effects from this product, personally I lean towards indica hybrids and for a product more on the sativa leaning side I have to say I was impressed. I tend to be cautious with sativas because of anxiety but, when I smoked this I did not get any anxiety from it. Instead my body felt more relaxed, my mind lighter, and more clear. I found it really helpful to use during the day for my fatigue and back pain.

If this sounds like a product you are looking for head to Chesacanna and grab one of District Cannabis’ products to see for yourself!