Evermore 35mg Milk Chocolate Mango Topping Discos Review

By Nathan Montigny
Evermore Discos are an edible medical cannabis product made with Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), which contains pure cannabinoids and natural compounds from the whole cannabis plant. Discos are round in shape, made with gelatin and chocolate, available now at our Cockeysville dispensary, Chesacanna. This is Dispensary Agent Nathan’s review:

My initial experience was pleasant from flavor to effect, the Evermore 35mg Milk Chocolate Discos with Mango Topping, did not disappoint! The mango topping adds a nice, sweet flavor to the milk chocolate, as well as compliments the slight cannabis flavor that is present in this product. This product is not for those who are easily overwhelmed by high amounts of THC. Testing at 36.53mg per piece the Evermore Discos deliver a high potency and effective dose of THC that gave me a whole-body sense of calm and euphoria. Minor body aches dissipated around 45 minutes after consumption and major euphoria set in around 1.5 hours after consumption. This product would be great for anyone seeking a great sense of pain relief and relaxation.