Evermore Airborne Skunk Live Resin Cake Badder Review

by Graysen Levy

Being an avid and consistent dabber, concentrates excite me! After trying some other extremely tasty options from Evermore such as their Obeah’s Forbidden Mimosa and Ice Cream Cake, I decided to go for a more classic strain. This batch of Evermore’s Airborne Skunk is coming in at a delightful 88.47% total cannabinoids with 78.26% THC, featuring 10.36% terps and a notable 5.698% CBGA, something that is extremely helpful in curing migraines and headaches. 

I could not have been more pleased with this strain after taking my first dab.  Usually I stay away from sativa-heavy dominant strains, this however was a pretty docile sativa-leaning hybrid in my opinion, about 60/40. The terpenes in this batch consisted of over 4.0% of myrcene, 1.5% of limonene, 0.8% linalool, and over 1.0% of ocimene, and others, making this a delicious blend for anytime usage. 

The first thing I took note of was the light, airy, almost fruity taste. The tingly sensation under my eyes and near my cheeks was nearly instant, something I tend to feel with uplifting and heady strains. This strain had a very nice and calming combination of head euphoria, creating pleasant thoughts with body relaxation. The end result was an overall reduction of my  physical pain as well as relaxing mental bliss!  I can’t wait to get this strain again. Thank you Evermore for such a high quality product!