Garcia Hand Picked Great Aunt’s Secret Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

The name of this strain alone had me sold from the second I saw it hit the shelves. With the parent strain’s being Starfighter x MAC10 it should be no surprise that this strain is a perfect day-time smoke. Starfighter is a balanced but yet uplifting hybrid whereas MAC10 is a perfectly balanced hybrid giving you the best of both worlds. Now Great Aunt’s Secret on the other hand is an amazing Indica-Hybrid from Garcia Hand Picked which is the newest of their Maryland released strains. I say “Maryland Released” because the brand Garcia Hand Picked is available in multiple states across North America.

This strain definitely has a very pungent and gassy smell which makes for a very unique but yet nostalgic smell taking me back to my earlier days of smoking when the only flower I could get either smelled like gas, skunk, or diesel. The effects of this flower were more relaxing than sedating, unlike the Florida Kush from Garcia Hand Picked which can be pretty sedating at times. After medicating with the Great Aunt’s Secret, I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders allowing me to have a great night despite the stress and emotions I was dealing with at that time. I will definitely be getting more of this strain whenever I possibly can and I strongly suggest for you all reading this to do the same.

Can Help With:

  • Severe Stress-relief
  • Mood Elevation
  • Pain-Relief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety