Grow West Member Berry Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

Grow West has made a name for themselves over the past few years in the Maryland medical market by producing popular strains like Pie Crust, Nurse Jackie, SW Stomper x WW, and Grape Pearls. My all-time favorite from this company is their Blue Magoo, it always seems to put me in the best mood when I consume it. Located in the mountains of Cumberland, Maryland, Grow West is very proud of their mountain grown cannabis and with this new Member Berry strain, there’s no wonder why they’re so proud of their products.

Member Berry is made up of Mandarin Sunset x Skunkberry. It stays true to its genetics, giving off a skunky aroma that you can smell right through the container. On the other hand, once the container is open you get not only a skunky smell but also a little fruity diesel and pine odor to back it up. The overall effects of Member Berry are best described by three simple words, stimulating yet relaxing.

This strain really gets the juices flowing in terms of brain function, I’ve found that after consuming this strain I am a lot more attentive and focused to what is going on around me but also feeling an incredible sense of relaxation that allows that brain stimulation to not be too overwhelming. Member Berry is perfect for patients who need to be medicated during their day without feeling spacy or feeling as if they aren’t as productive when they are medicated.