What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis (marijuana) is grown under State-regulated protocols to ensure that the patient is receiving a product that has been tested for the exact levels of cannabinoids and does not contain any harmful chemicals, fungus, or molds. Medical cannabis comes in many forms such as dried flower (buds), concentrates, oils, tinctures, patches, topical creams, and edible products. Edibles were previously not available in Maryland, however after setting regulating rules, we now have low dose as well as high dose edibles available. Medical cannabis can only be purchased at a State-licensed dispensary.

Know Your Cannabis!

There are three species of cannabis: Cannabis sativaCannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.

Cannabis sativa is a species known to be the tallest-growing variety reaching heights of 5 meters, its leaves are long and thin, and has a longer reproductive cycle. This strain gives an energizing and stimulating effect, which helps with focus, creativity, and boosts in energy.

Cannabis indica is quite different than sativa, it is a much denser, shorter variant with broad thick leaves and a quicker reproductive cycle. This strain has a calming, relaxing effect and greatly reduces pain.

Cannabis ruderalis is less common than the two mentioned above. This species of cannabis is a northern variety that is very short, has the quickest reproductive cycle, and has the least psychoactive effects. Its use in medical cannabis has been to enhance variant genetics as well as to help to create quicker reproductive cycles through hybridization.

Hybrids have been created by reproductively crossing the three species of cannabis. Cultivators have created hybrids to enhance levels of cannabinoids and increase their effectiveness to treat medical conditions.