100 Points

$5.00 off one item

250 Points

$1.00 Select Preroll*

500 Points

$1.00 3.5g of Flower, Edibles, Capsules or Tablets*

750 Points

$1.00 Tincture, Topical, .5g Vape or 1g Concentrate*

1200 Points

$100 Shopping Spree in Chesacanna Wellness Shop. No further discounts apply.

1800 Points

$4.00 14g (Half Oz) of Flower*

2000 Points

$200 Shopping Spree in Dispensary Only.  No further discounts apply.

2500 Points

FREE Pax 3 or Crafty Vaporizer

4200 Points

Chesacanna Wellness Package:
2hr Coaching, 1hr Training, $150 in Cannabis Product & $100 in Accessories.  No further discounts apply.

*Some exclusions may apply. See Dispensary Agent for details.