MPX Blue Magoo Live Resin Jam Review

By Tyler Mitchell

There has been a wide variety of live resin cannabis concentrate types being marketed lately, with a wide array of names, based on their consistencies. (see my previous blog post, to learn more about live resin.) Recently, I tried a new one from MPX; Live Resin Jam, but more specifically, their Blue Magoo Live Resin Jam.

Before I opened the box, I was excited to see that the testing labeled had 82% total cannabinoids, and over 17.5% total terpenes, with about 6.5% b-myrcene, followed by 2.5% limonene and 2.1% b-caryophyllene. When I opened the jar, I smelled a sweet berry aroma, followed by musky pine. The source material is Grow West’s Blue Magoo, which is a hybrid strain cross of DJ Short Blueberry x Major League Bud. When I dipped my dab tool into the jar, I noticed the look and consistency; sugary to chunky crystals and a very thick, viscous, sauce-like, “jam.”

I dabbed this in my Puffco Peak Pro, at 500 degree F because of the very thick consistency, which I thought was a perfect temperature. The taste I got was opposite of the aromas, with was a very big piney flavor, followed by fruit and berries. I thought the flavor was a little bit muted for the high percentage of terpenes tested, however, the effects were on point for the Blue Magoo strain, which is 70/30 indica-dominant. It gave me great body relaxation, but I wasn’t couch-locked, and I could still accomplish my daily tasks. This is a great choice, if you prefer thicker consistency concentrate products and love the indica-leaning hybrid effects from the crowd-pleasing Blue Magoo strain.