MPX Grape Gobstopper Live Resin Batter Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Testing at 78.17% Total Cannabinoids and 11% Total Terpenes, I knew this was going to be a super tasty live resin batter from Melting Point Extracts! I love flavor and terps, so I was really excited to try it. I heated to about 500 degrees F in a Puffco Peak Pro and from the first very few hits, I tasted a tart grape sweet candy flavor. It was exactly the taste I was expecting from the name of this concentrate.

This is because of the 3.82% Myrcene, the 2.59% Limonene, and the 1.055% Terpinolene, the first two contributing to the sweet fruitiness and the tartness coming from the Terpinolene. Terpenes are the basis of aroma and flavor in cannabis, and the combination of certain percentages contribute to the overall flavor. Extract producers can then further dial in certain flavors using different strains of source material (fresh frozen live flower in this case) to get the flavor they want.

The effects of this live resin concentrate were definitely indica-hybrid leaning effects, which you can guess a little by the top three terpenes. I wasn’t feeling like I should take a nap, but I definitely felt really relaxed, ready to have dinner and watch a movie for the rest of the night. Pair this with an actual purple Everlasting Gobstopper for everlasting flavor!