Nature’s Heritage Sour Bobby Live Rosin Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Nature’s Heritage has recently come out with a new line of live concentrates made from some of their popular flower strains. I was especially excited to see we received Live Rosin concentrates from them, and I couldn’t wait to try. When I first opened this jar, the smell struck me like an 8th of the flower and the color and consistency like whipped canna-butter!

The term “live” is referred to when the whole freshly harvested plant is hung and frozen immediately after harvest, preserving the plants cannabinoid & terpene compounds at harvest time. Most live resin concentrates in our market are extracted with CO2 as a solvent, however, the word “rosin” refers to a concentrate that is made without a solvent, (a substance capable of extracting compounds) typically using heat & pressure to extract cannabis compounds. However, LIVE ROSIN is made using a “bubble hash” method of using ice, water, & agitation to wash & extract the compounds from the frozen cannabis plant.

The results of this method is live rosin, which allows patients to taste the purest flavor from the cannabis plant, and is how hashmakers made extracts before the use of solvents and presses. I loaded a healthy sized dab of Sour Bobby (Sour Diesel x Tres Dawg) Live Rosin into my Puffco Peak Pro and set the temperature to 480° F so I could get the maximum flavor I was looking for. The taste immediately reminded me of the flower I have smoked before, a nice diesel and sour fruit flavor! The effects were on point as well, and reminded me more of a feeling of smoking the flower, but in a supercharged way! It was labeled as a indica-dominant hybrid on the jar, but I thought this felt more of an even hybrid (maybe slightly indica) that I could use during the daytime, without feeling sleepy.

I would highly recommend this product to cannabis-connoisseur patients, who favor the absolute best products. The process to make Live Rosin is labor-intensive, thus the price is in line with Diamonds & Sauce products, but results in some of the best medical cannabis concentrates in our market.