• Dr. Auerbach
    Dr. Auerbach Medical Director

    Dr. Michael Auerbach has held an active Maryland State Physician’s license since 1986 and currently practices at Auerbach Hematology-Oncology, located in Rosedale, Maryland. Dr. Auerbach has authored or co-authored over 125 publications during his extensive career as a healthcare professional and researcher. He is well versed in the latest medical cannabis research literature and strongly believes that medical cannabis is an effective, safe, and appropriate treatment for many patients suffering with debilitating medical conditions, such as cancer and chronic pain. As Chesacanna’s Medical Director, Dr. Auerbach will bring his decades of experience leading professional medical practices to our facility to ensure that qualifying patients and caregivers receive the best possible service from our facility.

    • Dr. Ariane Cometa
      Dr. Ariane Cometa Wellness Director

      Dr. Ariane Cometa has held an active Maryland State Physician’s license since 1998 and is the founder of the Cometa Wellness Center located in Cockeysville Maryland. Throughout Dr. Cometa’s career, she has invested her time studying nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and bio-identical hormone prescribing and most recently she has indulged in the latest medical cannabis science relating to the human endocannabinoid system and the effectiveness to treat medical conditions with cannabis. Dr. Cometa is a physician who practices Integrative Medicine through a mind-body approach. As a physician, she can and will prescribe medications when necessary, but she prefers to institute natural alternatives to medications whenever possible. As Chesacanna’s Wellness Director, Dr. Cometa is committed to instilling her philosophy of the patient-physician partnership assuring that the patient’s needs are heard and understood in order to create a protocol that will be safe and effective.

      • Amy Spataro-Hoover
        Amy Spataro-Hoover Dispensary Director

        Amy Spataro-Hoover is a certified technician by the American Board of Pathology and has 28 years experience working in a hospital/trauma center caring for patients ranging from infants through elderly. During her employment in the hospital, she worked closely with physicians and nurses to help provide the best possible care for patients. As Chesacanna’s Dispensary Director, Amy will continue to use her knowledge of patient care and regulatory compliance to ensure that the dispensary agents are focused on our patients needs and safety, as well as providing the best most natural way to manage and improve their lives.

        • Michael Allred
          Michael Allred Security Director

          Mr. Michael Allred served as an officer of the Maryland State Police for 22 years and is the founder of Allred Security Group, LLC. Through his work in both law enforcement and private security, Mr. Allred has gained extensive experience handling crisis situations, making him and his team well equipped to lead the training of all dispensary agents on security protocols for emergency situations and standard operating procedures to prevent diversion and unauthorized activity on the dispensary premises. As Chesacanna’s Director of Security Mr. Allred ensures that all of our patients will be safe and protected during their time at our dispensary.

          • Kim Conner
            Kim Conner Director of Inventory Management

            Mr. Kim Conner is a registered pharmacist in the state of Maryland and an award-winning Clinical Specialist Pharmacist at John Hopkins Children Center. He is familiar with the academic literature around the science of medical cannabis and its therapeutic applications. As the Director of Inventory Management, Mr. Conner will be responsible for ensuring that dispensary agents understand the therapeutic benefits of each product available at Chesacanna and can speak from a place of knowledge on the beneficial and adverse effects of various cannabinoids. As a Maryland-licensed acupuncturist, Mr. Conner’s knowledge of this effective alternative medicine will provide another facet to Chesacanna’s Wellness Program.

            • Marc Spataro and Brenda Liscinsky
              Marc Spataro and Brenda Liscinsky Directors of Health and Fitness

              Marc Spataro and Brenda Liscinsky are a husband and wife team with a combined 30 plus years in the health and fitness industry. Marc owns and operates Fitnology Health and Human Performance and Brenda is the founder of BlisPilates both of which are located in Cockeysville, Maryland. As life long practitioners of a healthy lifestyle, Brenda and Marc are well versed in exercise protocols, nutrition counseling, supplementation, and creating programs that add longevity to their client’s lives. Their professional experience will lead Chesacanna’s mission of helping patients to experience a higher quality of life where mind, body, and soul are healthy, energized, and balanced.

              • Trevor Kuchar
                Trevor Kuchar General Manager

                Trevor Kuchar is originally a native of Mendocino County, California, and has been a Maryland resident since 2010 with his wife and two girls. He is a veteran of US Navy, having served as a Hospital Corpsman during and following the first Gulf War. He continues to support the wellbeing of his fellow veterans with volunteer and counseling work with wounded warriors. Trevor holds a BA in East Asian Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz and received his MBA in Marketing and Management from the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business. Trevor specializes in building retail and business development teams that embody the brand vision of the company, training the staff to engage and retain customers by providing a consistently delightful experience.

                • Celeste Corsaro
                  Celeste Corsaro Retail Manager

                  Celeste Corsaro is a certified holistic health and wellness coach. She graduated from (IIN) Institute of Integrative Nutrition, studying over 100 dietary theories and both Eastern and Western nutrition. She transformed her own health, by smoking cessation, getting back to the gym and eating for optimal health. Her real-life experience, coupled with her education and a zest for life, is the perfect recipe for helping others to realize their own potential, to experience optimal wellness and just feel better every day. Her passion is to help her clients create a path that fits their individual lifestyle, to help gain energy, eat better/cleaner, make mindful and empowered choices.