Product Review: Nature’s Heritage Vape Cartridges

By Marni Hallett

I love vape cartridges for when I am on the go. I find them to be the perfect effective and discreet way to medicate when smoking flower is not possible. I have tried many different vapes from various companies, but I realized I had not tried one from Nature’s Heritage yet. They have been killing it with their flower, so I wanted to see how it translated through their vape carts.

I was in need of a good calming yet uplifting day time strain, so I went for one of my favorite hybrids from Nature’s Heritage, BG Diesel. I know people enjoy their heavy hitting vapes, and this one is coming at you testing at 86.3% THC! As for terpenes, it’s only testing at 2.14%, which is definitely lower than I prefer to go. However, I will say what it lacks in terpenes, the high THC definitely helps make up for. The heavy hitting terps are B-Caryophylene, a-Humulene, and Linalool. While I normally find Linalool and B-Caryophylene to be on the more sedative, the mix of the high a-Humulene (typically found in sativa strains, great appetite suppressant) and the other terpenes gives it the perfect hybrid affect for me. I found myself to feel relaxed and happy within minutes of a few draws. The taste is a smooth mix of sweet and earthy, very enjoyable. It kept me very content, positive and productive during my first hour of work. Oh and last but definitely not least, it’s our most affordable 510-thread (screws into your standard vape battery) cart in the house!

I know patients have hesitated trying vape carts out because of the recent situation with the ones being distributed on the streets. However, I always feel safe purchasing all vape products from dispensaries. Each product that comes in has been thoroughly tested and will not be released onto the market until it passes all the high standards (no pun intended, but enjoy it) held by the MMCC. You can ask your DA’s to look at the test results if you are ever concerned!

So, if you are looking to try a new vape or finally ready to try one for the first time, any of the Nature’s Heritage cartridges would be the perfect choice! We’ve got a few strains in the house, definitely something for everyone!