Rythm Alternative Sunset Live Resin Vape Cartridge Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Rythm’s Live Resin line of vapes has landed at Chesacanna in Hunt Valley! Rythm’s popular line of vape carts now have a live resin option, for people would are interested in a full-spectrum and flavorful vaping experience in Maryland. I was very excited to try one of their live resin vape carts because I have recently tried their new line of live resin concentrates. I picked up their Alternative Sunset live resin vape cartridge, which is a sativa-dominate cross of Sunset Sherbert and Animal Cookies strains.

This live resin cart is 72% THC with an additional 3.5% of CBG, which may help provide relaxation and pain relief, while also providing alertness and motivation. And with 8.51% total terpenes, this was a flavorful vape, tasting like a tropical fruit flavored sugar cookie, with the dominate terpenes being Limonene at 2.44% and beta-Caryophyllene at 1.53%, helping me feel happy and relieving pain.

I thought this live resin vape cart was extremely effective, hitting me nicely in the morning and midday, for quick pain-relief and motivation to get my tasks done from the high amount of CBG. I really liked the flavor a lot as well, and would be a great on-the-go option for someone that dabs live resin regularly. If you like live resin, give Rythm’s new live resin vape cartridges a try at Chesacanna, here in Cockeysville!