Rythm Jack Herer Live Resin Concentrate Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Rythm Cannabis just recently released their line of live resin concentrates for the first time here in Maryland, and the staff and patients at Chesacanna are rejoicing! For the past couple of years, Rythm (GTI) has been producing high-quality flower, extracts in the form of vapes, and the only form of “dabbable” concentrate was their highly popular Terp Sap in Maryland. Patients have always asked our staff “when will Rythm make dabs!?” Well the time is now! I recently got my hands on Rythm’s classic Jack Herer [Super Skunk x (Northern Lights x Haze)] Live Resin concentrate, and it did not disappoint.

Right off the bat, I noticed Rythm has used their awesome circular black “tube” cardboard packaging, that is used for their vapes and Terp Sap, which has the top slide off to reveal the black concentrate jar. As soon as I opened the jar, I was greeted with an intoxicating sweet citrus-berry smell of the Jack Herer strain and when I looked in, I saw a beautiful saucy yellow concentrate. The consistency was somewhere between sauce and a sugary batter.

I loaded a healthy sized dab into my Puffco and was immediately in heaven. The flavor was incredible, and tasted like the pure essence of Rythm’s Jack Herer flower, very similar to dabbing their Terp Sap but with a lot more potency and flavor. The effects were very enjoyable, therapeutically uplifting and stimulating. I especially liked the creative euphoria and focus this particular strain gave me and had me feeling great for most of my day! Find Jack Herer and a selection of other Live Resin Concentrates from Rythm at our dispensary in Hunt Valley, Chesacanna.