Rythm’s Cookie Face Gets A New Lid

By Tyler Mitchell

Cookie Face from Rythm has been one of my favorite strains recently, and it had previously been packaged in Rythm’s Balance (Hybrid) jar with a bright orange lid. But when a recent batch of Cookie Face arrived to Chesacanna with a Relax (Indica-leaning) BLUE LID, I just knew i had to try it!

With a significantly higher percentage of THCa than the previous batch I tried, I suspected that might be the reason for Cookie Face’s change from Balance to Relax, but then I dived more into the rest of the testing results.

First looking at the other cannabinoids tested, I noticed a significant jump in CBGa, which is most likely explained by the significantly higher THCa percentage. Next I noticed that most of the terpenes in the testing results were about the same across the board. Except the top terpenes.

Beta-Caryophyllene is the top terpene for this strain, which was lower than the Balance version, at 0.80% versus the whopping 0.93% for the previous Balance batch. Next Limonene was significantly lower in the new batch, sitting at 0.58% versus 0.71% from the Balance version. Next was an increase in Myrcene at 0.22%. versus 0.17%, Linalool at 0.17% versus 0.15%, and beta-Eudesmol at 0.08% versus 0.04%. Given the slight decrease in the top two terpenes and especially an increase in the next three terpenes, I assumed the effects would be a little more sedative for the Relax batch and right I was! When I medicated with this in a hemp paper, I thought the flavor was about the same as the Balance version and the effects were slightly more sedative, but not as much. With a higher THCa percentage coupled with the change in terpene percentages, I believe Rythm felt the same way and decided to put this batch in the Relax jar, based on the slight change in effects.

Learning about all the different cannabis terpenes and how you notice the effects of each, is a great way in trying to figure out what cannabis medicine will be right for you! Next time you try a strain, look at the terpene percentages and take note of how you feel. The entourage effect from these terpenes combined with THC, can give you some of the best effects from this plant medicine.