Topicals for an Active Lifestyle

By Marni Hallett

I am a long time cannabis user, but it wasn’t until I became a MMCC patient that I learned there were more ways to medicate than just smoking and eating my cannabis. When I learned I could treat my daily aches and chronic pain by using cannabis infused topicals, I knew this was going to be a game changer.

I live a fairly active lifestyle and also suffer from chronic back pain. I needed something that would help manage my pain all through out the day, but allow me to stay level headed for work days. I decided to start trying the different topicals available at Maryland dispensaries. I’ve tried patches, soaks, lotions and salves from many different companies. I found a few in particular that have really been working for me!

Whether I am using a topical for muscle recovery post-workout or if I’m managing pain from a chronic flare up, I need the product to be able to hit deep. This is why I have fallen in love with the Dr. Solomon’s transdermal topical line. The Dr. Solomon’s line hit deeper than your usual topical that only gets the surface. Transdermal topicals are able to go deep into the skin, past the first layer into the next allowing your medicine to enter the bloodstream. This gives you much faster relief. When I’m dealing with nerve pain, I use Dr. Solomon’s THC rich lotion. It’s got 200mg of pain relieving THC. I apply it on the more veiny areas close to the where the pain is or stems from. I also love that this lotion is completely unscented. Now, when I’m dealing with more muscular pain or trying to prevent soreness post-workout, I always have the Dr. Solomon’s 5:1 CBD rich salve on me. It’s comes in a compact and easy to apply container. You can use it like a deodorant stick, so you can reach any part you need to treat. Salve lasts a long time because a little can cover a big area. This one has a slight menthol scent, but not overpowering at all. It’s has 200mg CBD and 50mg of THC so you are getting that great synergy affect making both cannabinoids work to their fullest potential. It never fails me. If you are on the hunt for it, we carry the Dr. Solomon’s topical line in our dispensary!

Now, if you are not an MMCC patient, do not fret, there are many effective CBD topicals available for you! We have an amazing selection available in our Chesacanna retail store where you do not have to be a patient shop. I will say, I have a personal favorite that I recommend everyone check out. The Pain Salve from New Era Farms is the most effective CBD salves I’ve ever tried. This lovely glass jar contains a sweet vanilla (with just a hint of hemp) scented salve that has 600mg of pain relieving, muscle soothing CBD packed right in. During the winter I keep this on my night stand and apply it to my lower back when I wake up since I usually feel stiff and sore in the morning. Within 5 minutes the pain subsides and I am able to get up and get moving. A little goes a long way, since it’s a salve, and it lasts! Definitely ask about the Pain Salve and our other topicals the next time you pop into the retail shop.

Ok, I’m done gushing about topicals for now, but if you want to hear more, come on into Chesacanna and me (or any of the other DA’s) will be happy to show you all we have to offer!