By Ann McCarty

Water. There are many qualities that water holds. It has the power to do so many things.  It is essential for life.  Without it we would not be able to live. Bodies of water, the Ocean, Bay, Lakes and Rivers also contain and sustain life.  These bodies of water also contain secrets and mysteries that people have been fascinated and drawn to for thousands of years.

 Growing up 10 minutes from one of the Great Lakes and living on a smaller inland lake was something I took for granted.  I was essentially surrounded by water.  There was something about the lapping waves and cool reflection of the blue sky that immediately had a calming and soothing effect. If you have ever had the privilege of seeing one of the Great Lakes You know that it mimics the Ocean in its vastness. 

Upon moving to Maryland,  I felt a loss from leaving  this great comforter.  It took only a short time to discover that all the creeks and rivers that are literally around every corner here in this part of Maryland, offered a new comfort.  Finding a spot to set my chair and listen to the trickle of the water as it moves across the rocks. Or finding a trail that is tucked away yet skirts the river is so refreshing on a hot summer day.  Some of these spots that I have sought solace are just Minutes from Chesacanna.  Take York road north and quickly the space softens and the landscape opens up.  Follow it just a few miles and you come to the quaint little town of Hereford. From there you can head down Monkton Rd to find the NCR trail at Monkton Station.  There you can grab an ice cream, delicious sandwich or salad after you walk, run or ride on the trail.  If you are looking to enjoy the river in a quieter setting or perhaps try a trail that offers a little more solitude and skill , try the Lefty Kreh  trail at Masemore.  You can find this spot just west of Hereford off Mt. Caramel Rd. 

This spot offers a nice grassy spot right near the river that you can lay a blanket or set your chair and enjoy the comforting sounds of the river and birds .

Water seems to go hand in hand with summer.  Boating, fishing, time at the beach, a dip in the kiddie pool, jumping through a sprinkler, and hours in a backyard pool are all things we can quickly associate with summer.   For many of us these images bring up a feeling of warmth, joy and hopefully,  great memories of summer.  With the days getting warmer and our world getting louder, seek the time and space to enjoy the beauty and treasure of water.  Remember that our creeks and rivers here in Maryland are here for you to enjoy.  Many of them are just minutes away and have the comfort you may be looking for.  So, get out and enjoy the water and all it has to offer this summer.