What is Deli Style Flower?

By Tyler Mitchell

Chesacanna is now back to offering deli-style cannabis flower dispensing! What is deli style? Instead of purchasing flower that is a pre-weighed and pre-packed in a container by the grower or dispensary, a dispensary agent weighs out your buds in front of you from our bulk flower jars!

At Chesacanna, we currently have 20 strains and counting to choose from! Once you make your selection of strain, you choose how much flower you want weighed out for you by the gram and a budtender will start weighing out your buds and package them in front of you. Sniffing of the flower jar is strictly forbidden, however, sample the scent in the air as our dispensary agents waft it to you, in accordance with strict MMCC guidelines. Our scales are inspected, calibrated, and certified according to Maryland state guidelines.

Deli-style is perfect for patients that are more selective when choosing flower, wanting to try new strains, or like to get a discount when buying their favorite strain in bulk. Choose a gram to try out strains or get a bulk discount on your favorite strain! We love deli-style flower at Chesacanna, because it gives our patients the flexibility to choose their medicine according to their preference and budget!

MMCC Bulletin: Deli-Style Approval Procedure for Licensed Dispensaries​