Your First Time at a Cannabis Dispensary – What you need to know!

By Tyler Mitchell

Are you a “doobie newbie?” When Adult Use cannabis goes legal on July 1st, 2023 in Maryland, many people will be stepping foot in a Maryland cannabis dispensary for the first time. Here are a few key things you should know to make your first legal cannabis experience smooth and enjoyable:

  1. Age and ID: All customers need to be at least 21 years old to purchase cannabis at Chesacanna. Additionally, you will need to prove your age and identify yourself with a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  2. Preparing for your visit: Take some time prior to visiting Chesacanna and check out our menu, specials page, and informational resources on cannabis here on our website. It’s helpful to have a basic understanding of cannabis and the different products we offer. Additionally, follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook & YouTube) to say up-to-date on news and other announcements.
  3. Consumption Method: Familiarize yourself with the various consumption methods available, such a smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures or topicals. Each method has its own effects, onset time and duration, so pick the method and type of products best suited for you and your lifestyle.
  4. Product Selection: Chesacanna offers a wide variety of cannabis products with different concentrations and ratios of THC and CBD. Consider personal preferences, desired effects and any medical conditions you may have. Start with lower potency options if you are brand new to cannabis and gradually increase dosage, if needed.
  5. Potency and Dosage: For edible products, consumed by mouth, start with a low dosage product, especially if you’re new to cannabis products or have a low tolerance. It’s essential to understand your body and the potential effects, both positive and negative, to consume responsibly. Follow dosing recommendations from our dispensary agents, and be mindful of the effects before consuming. Adult Use customers are limited to 10mg doses/100mg per package on edibles, Medical patients have access to high doses as well as concentrates and extracts, except for vape products which are available for adult use purchase.
  6. Questions & Consultations: Chesacanna’s dispensary staff are very knowledgeable about our cannabis products and can guide you through your choices. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about our products, their effects and recommended dosing. Our staff would love to assist you in finding the right products.
  7. Payment Options: At Chesacanna we accept the following payment methods: Cash, Credit, Debit, & CanPay. We have an ATM available for cash withdrawals ($3.00 fee), terminals that accept Credit Cards ($75 transaction minimum, no fee), Debit Cards ($10 transaction minimum, $3 fee), and CanPay, which is an app-based payment method that links directly to your bank account. Sign up here for CanPay.
  8. Store Policies, Etiquette, & Laws: Please respect our dispensary’s rules and policies, such as no consumption on-site, respecting others’ privacy & personal space, as well as listening to our staff’s directions, especially when we are busy. Obeying the rules will help you and others have an easier and smoother experience! Also, please obey local and state laws, do not transport cannabis over state lines and do not operate a motor vehicle while consuming or under the influence of cannabis.
Visiting a dispensary can be an exciting and educational experience. By being prepared and informed, you can make the most of your visit and find the best cannabis products to suit your needs. We look forward to you visiting us, as we start recreational sales at our dispensary in Hunt Valley, Chesacanna on or after July 1st!