MPX Mixtape Live Resin Sugar Product Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Lately, I have be absolutely loving live resin concentrates from Melting Point Extracts, better known as MPX. “Live Resin” concentrates are whole cannabis plants that have been harvested and immediately frozen before extraction, to ensure maximum terpene and cannabinoid retention. Sugar is the word used to describe the consistency of the concentrate, which is tiny THCa crystals with a small amount of terpenes that resemble a sugar texture. I love their strain specific mixes that are usually two or three strains of flower, extracted together into one concentrate, that can provide very unique but similar to the flower effects.

I tried MPX’s Mixtape Live Resin Sugar since we’ve had two left on the shelf, that have been sitting around for a few months. Mixtape is not a strain, it is the named used to describe a concentrate that they made with more than just a few different strains. This Mixtape sugar used 16 different harvests from early 2020, so this was most likely frozen plants they had leftover that wouldn’t yield much on their own, so they extracted them all together! The first four strains listed are, Blue Chem, Grape Lime Ricky, Grape Pearls and Jilly Bean, and I think that explains the flavor profile from this dab!

I dabbed this concentrate with a glass rig and quartz banger using a torch, and the first hit of flavor was strong grape and berry/blueberry, followed by a bright mix of sweet fruit flavors. The two highest terpenes are Terpinolene and Limonene, and that’s definitely apparent, I just wrote out this product review! It gave me a nice sativa-hybrid boost, strong motivation and creativity but is also calming and relaxing my body. I will definitely use this product when I want a quick boost of creativity in the afternoon to early evening. I would recommend trying out MPX’s Mixtape concentrates, it gives very unique hybrid effects and flavor overall, though they will most likely vary from batch to batch depending on the source flower.