Shore Natural Rx Lucid Blue Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

In my opinion, Lucid Blue is one of the prettiest cultivars to come out of the Shore Natural Rx grow facility this year. With the parent genetics being Grateful Breath x Blue Dream, this strain is most certainly going to put you in a happy, care-free kind of mood. As I’ve done some research into this strain, I read that Lucid Blue is also considered to be the perfect strain for creative people.

I’m not a very artsy kind of person but this strain allowed me to let my inner sketch artist out and begun drawing random designs and crazy patterns as if this was a normal occasion for me. I found the effects of this strain to be more on the sativa side of things, while still having an incredible pain-relief aspect that seemed to handle all my aches and pains as if they were the most miniscule of feelings. I deal with a lot of backpain and overall joint pain in my legs, so having a strain that allows me to be more active while still experiencing pain relief is truly an amazing feeling.

To further that point, I have found that this strain is perfect for not only a relaxing night of drawing but also for taking on a hike with me. As soon as my legs started to ache and get tired, I light a joint of Lucid Blue and within seconds, a huge sense of relief and relaxation washes over me allowing me to finish the hike with little to no aches or pains. Quite possibly my favorite thing about this strain is that it doesn’t fog up your thought process like some cannabis strains can do, rather it encourages more creative thoughts and is a very good source of any-time of the day relief.