Verano G-Wagon Shatter Product Review

By Marni Hallett

Marni, your friendly Chesacanna dispensary agent here, with another product review for you! Specifically for my concentrate lovers. I had the pleasure of taking home Verano’s G-Wagon shatter for the first time. This was my first go at a Verano concentrate and I was not disappointed. Don’t ask me what took so long, just let me bask in the glory (and haze) of this beautiful sativa-hybrid!

G-Wagon is one of the strains from Verano’s G-line. They took their house favorite sativa-hybrid, G-6 (aka “Jet Fuel”), and crossed with some of their other known strains. G-Wagon is a cross of G6 and their sativa Ghost Train Haze. I needed a concentrate that would be good for day time dabbing, this definitely seemed to have potential! 

The shatter is coming in at a total of 86.37% cannabinoids. If you’re looking for THCV for appetite suppressant and energy, this has .48%, which is a significant amount. The terpenes are coming in at a total of 2.72%, with the heavy hitters being caryophyllene, limonene, terpinolene and linalool. I knew this was going to be a tasty mix. The smell is like peppered citrus and herbs, but in a very light and pleasant way. I was excited to experience the taste. The limonene and terpinolene definitely make it to the front of the line. 

As for the effects, I immediately felt happy and at ease. Anything that was troubling me rolled off into the background and it made me just want to live in the present. I felt a burst of energy (i assume the terpinolene was kicking in) and wanted to find a project to dive into. Thankfully I had a whole pile of clean laundry to put away. My body felt great, I wasn’t in pain, I didn’t feel heavy, but I felt grounded. I was able to focus on my task, get it done and then treat myself to one more baby dab of G-Wagon. I definitely got a good second wind, which was very helpful for all the meal prepping that I had to do next.

If you are on the concentrate hunt for a daytime, motivating, potentially creative, energy boosting and truly enjoyable strain, I would recommend Verano’s G-Wagon shatter. If sativa hybrids aren’t your thing, just ask your dispensary agent for all of our other strain options, there is typically something in house for everyone. Don’t forget to ask about the Dollar Dab Club, while you’re at it!

Until next time, everyone, stay medicated and hydrated!